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About us

At the National Consultancy Bureau, Fintechproject we believe that good advice from competent and experienced independent advisors is of critical importance in any field of business. For over twenty years we have been providing high grade analysis and consultancy services on business, finance and politics aimed at promoting the interests of our Russian and international clients, enabling them to realize their full potential. In support of this, our core values are cooperation, consistency and confidentiality.

The foundation of our company is based on our desire to utilize our considerable personal experience acquired over a long period of time working in various governmental bodies, combining this with our contacts and opportunities in Russia and abroad.

We have shaped a broad portfolio consulting services that promote our clients’ interests, the majority of whom work in high-tech industries both in the civil and defense sectors. Based on our team’s expertise our initial focus was on working with clients in the aerospace and defense industries and in commercial aviation operations.

Over time, we broadened the reach of our consultancy by incorporating areas that were in one way or another logically related to our main operations, namely: the development and deployment of engineering software; the production and application of advanced materials; air freight transportation logistics and cargo airline operation.

As our clients’ activities diversify we also extend our consultancy into areas such as power generation, machine building, oil production and refining, and many others.

Our ongoing consultancy aims to assist our clients in making sound decisions that contribute to achieving their stated goals.

Our strengths

  • Providing solutions viable in current environment
  • In-depth consideration of political factors
  • Access to high-level decision makers
  • Access to various information sources and think tanks


Informational and analytical reports

  • Reports and assessments on Russian companies and individuals
  • Due diligence investigations and reports
  • Reports on political situation and geopolitical environment in different regions of the world

Consulting for high-tech companies

  • Business development and corporate restructuring
  • Promotional strategies in international marketing for Russian industrial businesses
  • Market entry strategies into Russia for international companies

Aviation Consulting

  • Support in procurement and after-sales service of Russian-built aircraft and its components
  • Upgrades, repairs and modifications to Russian-built fixed and rotary wing aircraft
  • Assistance in aircraft leasing
  • Consulting on passenger air transportation and air freight logistics

Business Consulting

  • Market research and business plan development
  • Support in attracting investment and follow-up consulting services
  • Business security consulting
  • Risk management – both personal and corporate

Clients and Partners

Fintechproject cooperates closely with Russian fixed and rotary wing aircraft manufacturers, repair facilities and maintenance centers. These include the Russian Aircraft Corporation MiG, Russian Helicopters, Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant, Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant and others. The bureau also provides consulting services to airlines including the world’s largest heavy and supersized cargo air carrier Volga-Dnepr Group.

From 2002 to 2007, Fintechproject represented the interests of BAE Systems – a world-renowned British industrial and defense corporation. In 2013 Fintechproject became a consultant to Harper International Corporation – the US world-leader in thermal processing technologies for the production of advanced materials, including carbon fibre.

For ten years, Fintechproject was a consultant and reseller in Russia for Altair Engineering – a world-renowned US software engineering company. For over five years we promoted Russian-based company Hetnet Consulting, which integrated high-tech IT solutions into Russian state structures. In 2017 Fintechproject began cooperation with Magna International, the largest automobile parts manufacturer and designer of digital systems for virtual engineering.

From 2008 to 2011, Fintechproject partnered with AEGIS, a leading UK security company for whom we prepared analytical reports. At present Fintechproject collaborates with US consultancies specializing in export control issues.

We have the highest regard for the trust that our clients place in us, and take great care in preserving their confidentiality. When establishing business relations we take care to avoid any possible conflicts of interest.

42 Mosfilmovskaya Str.,
Moscow, 119285, Russia

tel.: +7(495) 937 97 85
fax: +7(495) 937 97 86