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since 1998

Turbulence in the modern world and political and economic instability are realities that businesses face every day

Increased uncertainty in the reliability of information and changes in the rules of the game in existing markets combine to degrade the efficiency and competitiveness of businesses.

We believe that under these conditions professional consultancy is of critical importance for the successful resolution of projects and long-term business development.

About us

For over 25 years NCB Fintechproject has been providing consultancy and analytical services for businesses

Our team of professional consultants assists in navigating the complexity of rules and regulations in existing markets, facilitating the establishment of reliable contacts and the growth of business opportunities.

Our principal clients are Russian and foreign aerospace and other high-tech industries.

We are uniquely placed to engage with representatives from both industrial and financial sectors to effect solutions

We actively collaborate with internal and external policy experts

We have broad access to a variety of sources both informational and analytical


Key services

Aviation Consulting

In providing aviation consulting services for our clients we:

  • Advise on the procurement of aerospace products and a broad spectrum of equipments related to the aviation industry
  • Assist in the procurement of aviation products and related equipment including the preparation of contracts, follow-up after acceptance and in facilitating delivery
  • Advise on after-sales support and upgrades to fixed and rotary wing aircraft and their components
  • Offer support in arranging transactions for leasing aircraft
  • Advise on logistical support including passenger air transportation and air freight

Business Consulting

In providing business consulting services for our clients we:

  • Offer comprehensive promotion of our clients’ products and services to both Russian and international markets
  • Support clients in the crafting and implementation of large international contracts across a wide range of fields
  • Help Russian companies to develop their business strategies and international marketing
  • Assist international companies in establishing cooperation with Russian enterprises and with strategies for market entry into Russia
  • Advise on interaction with governmental, public and private sector organisations

Analytical services

In providing analytical services for our clients we:

  • Produce reports and analysis for scoping studies of potential partners and on the prospects for business opportunities
  • Conduct due diligence investigations and assessments of companies
  • Monitor information flows and track events that may significantly affect business operations
  • Provide comprehensive analysis and forecasting in respect of political and economic developments in Russia and the geopolitical situation in different parts of the world
  • Undertake market research and competitor analysis
Our principles

Individual approach

We develop the best solutions for our clients for each specific case


We have the highest regard for the trust that our clients place in us and take great care in preserving their confidentiality

Avoidance of conflicts of interest

We strive to avoid any possible conflicts of interest when establishing business relations


National Consultancy Bureau


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